Our vision

Real estate will be digitized by providing the market with simple and secured tools, making the processes more reliable and more fluid. A development approach by and for the actors of the sector.

Switch to 3.0 real estate

Our ambition

Olarchy becomes the reference platform to trace, streamline and secure exchanges between real estate professionals at all stages of the life cycle of a building: acquisition / valuation / sale.

Blockchain technology for real estate :

  • Security: a digital ID of each document (lease, expert report, etc.) enabling real estate process digitalization
  • Speed: marking each document to instantly check version and integrity for time savings> 20%
  • Fluidity: a simplified process thanks to a single hub platform accessible to all actors to interact together
  • Traceability: by historising the IDs of each document and the validation and authentication steps, the platform delivers in the end a "certificate of the chain of custody of the process"

News 18/06/2018

Olarchy launches the first real estate transaction of a significant building simulated with Blockchain technology

The sale of the SFL IN / OUT building to Primonial REIM, one of the largest transactions of 2017 (35,000 m2)

We are in the press !

Our project explained by one of the founders :

Olarchy facilitates the sale of assets

Have a single trading platform for all stakeholders of a transaction, with differentiated and secured access

  • Securing the transaction process (buying / selling)
  • Control and trace the content of the sales dataroom and attachments to a transaction
  • Arrange payment in € or cryptocurrency,
  • Fluidify the relations with the administration (ex: purge of the “DIA”)
  • Make the link between the sales process and the management process "

Olarchy facilitates  landlord - lessee relationships

Coordinate contractual commitments

Organize the payment of rents

  • Manage deposits
  • Manage property and facility management contracts
  • Organize and follow the landlord and tenant works’

Olarchy facilitates landlord – experts relationships

Have an exchange platform between experts and asset managers

To standardize the mode of communication

  • To keep track of past expertise and documents exchanged
  • Secure the data
  • Certify on-line documents
  • Authenticate values
  • Interact with the auditors

The team

Olarchy is managed by a highly experienced team with complementary skills

Michael Sigda

real estate & technologies

Antoine Yeretzian


Sébastien LACOURT


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